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Domain Name Sector Pricing
WelcomeToMalta.com Tourism p.o.r.
TheRESite.com Real Estate p.o.r.
OwenBillboards.com Marketing p.o.r.
MaltaBillboards.com Marketing p.o.r.
AdvertsAround.com Marketing p.o.r.
GarageDoorAdvertising.com Marketing p.o.r.
TechnologyInduction.com Industry p.o.r.
IPhoneApproved.com Industry p.o.r.
InductionCharge.com Industry p.o.r.
RealEstateEurope.com RealEstate p.o.r.

Welcome to VirtualInvestments, a growing subsidiary of Owen Web Design.

Buy a domain for a few dollars/euros, hang onto them and resell them later at a massive profit. It's that simple.
We have over 25 years of experience in the field and are your one-stop-shop agents - we will guide you through the process of buying a domain, parking it and transferring it to the buyer when you sell it.

All domains are available on first come, first served basis. Remember to make a note of a good idea and contact us immediately so we set the ball rolling on your virtual investment.

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